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Zazzle and WordPress

I’ve taken a long break from posting, as so much has been happening on other fronts, for good and for bad, but am getting back in the mood.

I have decided to start putting some of my photography on cool items from, and have integrated my zazzle store here into my blog.

(BTW, if you are interesting in getting into Print On Demand, do your research, there’s a lot of options out there! And be sure to check out this squidoo lens article comparing Print on Demand services, it is a very handy guide)

It’s still a little light, as I have just gotten into it, but will fill up with cool stuff rapidly, take a look at the Store link above.

So anyway, about integration, Zazzle provides some software called the Zazzle Store Builder, which is some php and css to help anyone embed a dynamic Zazzle store into their website.

Installing into WordPress by hand is not trivial, but if you prefer to go manually, here are some handy guides:

However, at the end, I got lazy and used the Zstore Helper, a free plugin that helps you quickly and easily add a ZStore to your wordpress blog. Even though the original post is from 2009, he seems to keep it updated, and I dropped the plugin from this page, and the latest Zazzle Store Builder into WordPress 3.5 current, and everything worked fine!

One caveat is it seems to only sort be date added and most popular, but I haven’t had a chance to dive into the code and tweak, so perhaps there are more options.