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WordPress responsive video embeds

If you blog using WordPress with a responsive theme, and your video embeds are breaking the responsiveness, there’s a quick and painless solution!

It’s a free plugin available from the archives named, aptly enough ‘Responsive Video Embeds‘.

The plugin supports these video providers:

YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion., Viddler,, Revision 3, Funny or Die,, Scribd

It also supports WordPress’s embed from link feature (to turn it on, check the Auto-embeds check box in Administration > Settings > Media SubPanel.)

The author provides a Test Page here, which you can load up in a browser (or mobile device) and see how well it does. Warning that you will find a massive amount of videos embedded on this page, which could crash some (especially mobile) browsers.

The plugin is currently updated, and compatible with Multisite installs.