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Unity3D Mini-Map Resources

Mini-Maps are an essential GUI element for many types of games; a great help for users’ wayfinding and navigation efforts.

Here’s a list of resources for creating mini-maps in Unity3D. There’s plenty more out there, and don’t forget to check the Unity3D Forums, Answers, and Wiki too.

If you’re lazy, you can buy a prefab for a minimap here:

Here is a very simple method, although it uses Javascript, unfortunately:

This is a helpful piece of code for positioning the player in the mini-map (C# this time!)

Video Tutorials

Creating a basic mini-map in Unity3d Part 1

This is my favorite of the video tutorials, I was able to implement a basic version as described, and he’s providing solid support in the comment thread.

[media link=]

Unity3d Custom View Ports Part 1: Mini Map

This tutorial shows how to make a non-rectangular non-texture shading mini-map in Unity3d.

This tutorial makes use of this shader

[media link=]

Unity 3d Tutorials – Intermediate Topics – 4# How to make a minimap

Another tutorial, this is a simplified version, and good to start with to grok the concepts involved

[media link=]

And here’s a few more: