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Songdev releases Tower Defense Toolkit 2.1.1 (Includes NGUI!)

TDTK gets better!

I want to give out props to SongDev, the developer behind the Tower Defense Tool Kit Unity3D package (TDTK) which I purchased for a TD game I have under development and Arenamook, the developer behind the best Unity3D GUI package, Next-Gen GUI

First of all, he’s great for providing the level of support he does. On the Unity3D forums, he provides feedback to users with customers and potentials in almost real-time, implementing almost any suggestion which makes sense.

On top of this, if you purchase the package, he has proven in my experience to be extremely quick to email us back to solve questions regarding the implementations of his toolkit. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

So all of us working with Unity3D realize what a gaping hole is left in its GUI support. Several options have appeared on the Asset Store and third-party asset stores to solve this problem, but one of the best is NGUI by Tasharen Entertainment.

SongDev has done everyone using his toolkit a tremendous favor with his latest release, 2.1.1, which includes sample NGUI scenes, atlases, and more for integrating NGUI guis into our games. Of course he used the free distro, and if you intend to use NGUI in your game, you will need to purchase a license, but I love seeing the cross-pollination of tools across the Unity3D Asset Store with an easy entry barrier which means higher sales for the indie developers offering their wares.

When Tasharen released the NGUI free version, Arenamook expressed a lot of reservation about whether the model would mean lower sales, but I think that it will prove to be exponentially larger as other developers include the free version in their asset store packages as Songdev has.

Anyway, a big up to both of these developers for their continued contribution to the Unity3D Indie asset scene, and devotion to their customers, way to show us how to produce software B2B, yet grassroots!

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