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Quantum Legacy – Fun space dogfights on iOS

Last night I stumbled across Quantum Legacy, a super fun space battle that’s absolutely gorgeous, has cinematic cameras, great controls, and is really easy to get sucked into for far too long..

It also has a great low-pressure $0.99 donation iAP, which unlocks a couple of extra levels, and the approach is so casual and non-confrontational (unlike most iAP games these days, which make you want to not install games at all) you want to give them more money for more content, rather than pissed off about getting suckered into another virtual good purchase.

And there are two survival levels after donating, which still rock after you’ve beaten the game and gotten the few upgrades available.

Try it for free on your iPad or iPhone by clicking here!

And make the $0.99 donation! They deserve it, and will hopefully expand the game with support.