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May 4, 2012
by jolon
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Quantum Legacy – Fun space dogfights on iOS

Last night I stumbled across Quantum Legacy, a super fun space battle that’s absolutely gorgeous, has cinematic cameras, great controls, and is really easy to get sucked into for far too long..

It also has a great low-pressure $0.99 donation iAP, which unlocks a couple of extra levels, and the approach is so casual and non-confrontational (unlike most iAP games these days, which make you want to not install games at all) you want to give them more money for more content, rather than pissed off about getting suckered into another virtual good purchase.

And there are two survival levels after donating, which still rock after you’ve beaten the game and gotten the few upgrades available.

Try it for free on your iPad or iPhone by clicking here!

And make the $0.99 donation! They deserve it, and will hopefully expand the game with support.

April 17, 2012
by jolon
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The Blueprint of We collaboration process

I just came across ‘The Blueprint of We‘ — a fascinating process for negotiating agreements of all sorts between groups large and small.

This technique forces everyone to recognize and agree on issue before they get thorny, sometimes eliminating them altogether. It uses Google Docs as a collaboration tool for everyone involved to share their input, then everything is merged in a group meeting, in person or remotely with agreement by all parties.

The mission statement from their website, located at states:

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April 12, 2012
by jolon

Dubai Time Lapse 2.0

Amazing time lapse from Richard Bentley. He photographed 1 – 2 sequences per night for two weeks from some great vantage points.

[media link=]

(Looks best in full screen!)

Here’s version 1.0, from last year…

[media link=]

April 10, 2012
by jolon

Watch the watchers using Collusion

Amazing plugin for Firefox from Mozilla called ‘Collusion’ tracks all of the web trackers that follow you as you browse the web.

It’s fascinating to watch the web of weird and unrelated sites / bots / trackers unfold in a massive web of connections.

Mine looks like this, after just half an hour of browsing through about 10 sites total.

Learn more and download the plugin here

April 4, 2012
by jolon

Advanced terrain shaders and techniques for Unity3D

 I haven’t touched the terrain tool in Unity3D since 2.5, which is a reference more to the time that’s passed than the improvements in the terrain engine, which have been minimal.

While refamiliarizing myself with the base textures and splatmaps, I ran into some great work by Larsbertram‘s work on changing the shaders on the terrain map so they look seamless, and he created the free set of terrain shaders downloadable at the Asset Store here: Advanced Terrain Shaders V2

The technique to reduce texture tiling involves mixing the shader with a copy of itself at a scale of 4x (which you can play with in different textures for best result) which looks good from far away and close up. His article on this technique is in a post called Improved Texture Terrain Tiling and is very much worth a read.

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