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Crysis 2 Glitch — Swimming Below the Spore Conduit

While playing Crysis2, (which is a totally fun FPS-on-rails, no detractions here, this happens in any 3d game) I ran into a glitch while trying to finish a level, and got so frustrated, that I somehow  jumped between the 3D models (colliders to be precise) and into an underwater pit below the playable area.

Here I was able to swim around underneath the entire level, buildings, trees, and all, (which go lower than you would think) but would get blocked by I guess the solid floor of the level, which I could kind of look up through, but would get heavily obscured in certain areas. I swam everywhere in the level, then regretfully restarted, as I couldn’t save underneath. I love breaking then fixing software, so it’s fun to explore theactual underbelly of an FPS AAA title.

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Underneath Spore Conduit