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Assassin’s Creed 3 — Boston Trailer

Running Through Haymarket!

I just found this trailer, (really a narrated alpha demo walkthrough) for Assassin’s Creed 3, which takes place in old-timey Boston.

I definitely can’t wait to play this game until my carpal tunnel turns my hands into inverse claws as I used to live about 3 blocks away from where this video took place.

It looks more or less the same, if with less neon storefronts and drunken college students getting in massive fistfights, which sometimes lead to them killing each other. Much better as a cloaked assassin taking out Redcoats than a terrified bystander wondering why these kids are so crazy!

Yanking some poor lobsterback up into a tree to be hung until death!

I love the concept of the hiding spots, and of course Ubisoft’s masterful UI team did a great job of helping the player navigate stealth successfully (or no!)

Following the stealth bit is an amazing attack in which you crouch in the tree limbs above an enemy, then throw a loop down over his neck, then quickly jumping to yank & hang the poor bastard after which you plant a stake in the earth to hold him aloft.

Then his homies get distracted by the site of their friend lynched on a formerly friendly tree, and you slip by to your objective undiscovered.

Raw and awesome footage, can’t wait to play AC3.

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