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Air-powered car

I would love to have one of these.

MDI Enterprises, S.A. is in the process of producing cars which run on pressurized air. Imagine pulling into a gas station, skipping the gas pump altogether, and filling up your car at the air pump instead!

Here are specs on the air powered engine driving it: “The Engine designed for AirPod is a 2-cylinder engine with a capacity of 430cc that develops 7 kW at 1,500 rpm. Torque is constant at 45nm from 200 rpm to 1,500 rpm. Maximum rpm in the urban areas is only 950 rpm. Such a low rpm is advantageous in terms of durability, efficiency and low noise output level.”

The control system seems pretty funky, too. like something between a powered wheelchair and a starfighter.

The company was started in 1991 by Guy Negre, the CEO, who after designing over 100 conventional yet efficient engines for all types of vehicles, then decided to concentrate his efforts on a zero-pollution solution. According to the website, in 1996, MSI produced it’s first air-powered engine.

A majority of the cars’ parts are produced using 3D printers and other rapid fab techniques.

Another interesting concept is their idea of ‘Dealer / Manufacturer / Partner‘ — meaning that the cars are actually produced at the dealership on demand, meaning only demand will be supplied, and eliminating the transport costs of the final product.

Really a lot of genius wrapped up in all of it, I hope they are successful enough to hire an agency to design a real website someday, because it’s not this one.

Or it could be a ton of hype, as they haven’t hit any of their alleged goals and the company that was supposed to be bringing them to the states in 2010 has had their account suspended on their website’s hosting.

For those of you who say ‘pictures or it didn’t happen’ — here’s a video of the air cars in action:

and another: