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$500 Sci-Fi / Horror mapping contest

Get out your Alien halloween costume (without the gloves of course, those giant claws will just scrabble off your keyboard, no good for detail work) and throw your hat  in the ring for this $500 prize in the Probuilder level design contest for Unity3d.

The contest runs from March 1 (today!) – March 31st, 2013. The rules are simple, they are asking for you to build a playable level which incorporates 85% + of Probuilder geometry, however they ask that designers include detail meshes as well, whatever will lend the most effective experience.

Additionally, is providing a free pack of sci-fi game textures to anyone entering the contest, which is not to be passed up either.

Official contest link

Unity3D Forums Post

(update) Here’s the official launch video for ProBuilder 2.0, which is a really amazing in-editor (unity3d) level design tool.